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73. The Beyond (1981)

Posted By 93 Studios On September 17, 2009 @ 10:00 am In Frontpage,Zombies | 1 Comment

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This is quite possibly Lucio Fulci’s (Italy’s horror giant) greatest works [2]. It is the second part of his Gates of Hell [3] series and it is packed with Zombie goodness.

The story begins like all great tales, a Warlock curses a hotel and is killed by locals. Unfortunately for everyone involved the hotel happens to sit atop one of the seven gates of Hell. As you can imagine, things begin to go badly.

I’d like to take this point to note that the way the film was originally written, Zombies didn’t really play a role. It was going to be a haunted house story. When Fulci’s backers saw the script, however, they thought a Zombie movie would be more commercially viable.

For the full experience, you really need to get your hands on the uncensored DVD. The movie is known not only for its artistry but for it’s absolutely graphic scenes of murder. This movie has all sorts of supernatural unpleasantness on top of Zombies and an ending is much less than happy.

If you’re looking for your fix of Italian horror, this is a great signpost on your quest.

As for the lesson – killing Warlocks opens gates to hell and transforms those Warlocks into indestructible corpses. Avoid doing it at all costs.

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