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42. I Walked With A Zombie (1943)

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This 1943 Zombie film [2] was inspired by Charlotte Bronte’s seminal work, Jane Eyre [3]. It was directed Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton.

In it a Canadian nurse (Betsy) finds herself on Saint Sebastian. She was hired to take care of Jessica Holland, the wife of Paul Holland who owned a sugar plantation in the area. As is the case of all stories that take place on Caribbean sugar plantations, Zombies were bound to come into play.

Doctors say that Jessica is suffering from an incurable tropical flu, Betsy discovers from one of the workers in the house that there might be a cure after all, a Voodoo ritual that has been known to revive people from these catatonic shocks.

I’ll leave the rest to the film.

This is not your standard Zombie film by any stretch. Like most of Lewton’s work, many of the supernatural elements of the film are obfuscated. What you will see from this film is an extraordinarily nuanced depiction of Voodoo rites, rituals and some of the driving forces behind Caribbean Zombie mythology.

It has been hinted that the makers of Saw will be remaking this film before 2010.

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