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16. 28 Days Later (2002)

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28 Days Later [2] is a great film about a blood-borne virus that has horrifying psychological and physical side effects. It is about the human will to survive at all costs. It is about what each and every one of us could become if we were to leave our rage unchecked. In case you may not have been paying attention, though, it is not about zombies.” -Best Horror Movies [3]

It’s not.

It’s about what happens when you let diseased apes out of a biological testing facility (we’ve talked about this); it’s about aggression and survival and lose of humanity; it’s about the human spirit, framed in the midst of an attack by mindless, disease-ridden monsters.

It is not, however, a Zombie movie because as George Romero so eloquently put it, everyone knows that Zombies can’t run.

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