What We Do

Here at 93 Studios we’re storytellers and we use the web to tell these stories. Here’s how we work.

Find Good Ideas. We look for good ideas. Whether it’s an event that we really loved, a topic that is particularly . . . topical or something important that hasn’t gotten the tender, loving care it deserves. We pour over dozens and dozens of these ideas and pick out our favorites.

Uncover The Interesting Parts. Then we tear the idea apart, searching around for the best elements — the Text, Links, Pictures and Video that define the skeleton of the story.

Put The Story Together. We release all of this juicy content in episode form. Think of it like the last reality television show you saw, but with a point. We also distill 93 tips, tricks and challenges surrounding the event and put it all together in a book. That’s right, we write books, it’s part of how we pay the bills.

Let You Finish It. In the end, we let you write the final chapter, giving you the tools to add onto what we’ve made.

Interested yet? Take a look at this season’s schedule.


Every 93 we produce represents a huge effort on the part of the editor or editors who produce it. We work tirelessly to find the best information available and arrange it in a way that makes sense

Each 93 consists of elements the best original and aggregated –

  • Text
  • Links
  • Video and
  • Interviews

That we can pull together. At heart we’re storytellers, so instead of just arranging random facts we want to give context. By the end of a run, we want you to leave with a better understanding of the topic and the tools you’ll need to push that understanding further.

Since research is never complete, after we’re finished we hand the reigns back to you to continue adding new elements Backstage.

Become An Editor

Do you have a story to tell?

Something you are passionate about?

Maybe there is a topic that you know way too much about.

You should join our community and try your hand at becoming an editor. All of the 93s that we publish are sourced from one of three places –

  • Our slightly cracked imaginations.
  • Authors, Filmmakers and Content products that work with us.
  • You, through our community.

Submit an idea to us and we may contact you to turn it into a 93.