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35. The Elevator Pitch is Dead

Posted By 93 Studios On August 31, 2009 @ 5:00 pm In Frontpage,Storytelling | No Comments

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“The most powerful thing you can hear, and the only thing that ever persuades any of us in our own lives, is [when] you meet somebody whose story contradicts the thing you think you know. At that point, it’s possible to question what you know, because the authenticity of their experiences is real enough to do it.” – Andy Goodman

Andy Goodman has written for Dinosaurs, The Nanny and he founded and directed the American Comedy Network. Andy knows television and he knows stories. In this quote, he is trying to let us in on a little secret — to persuade anyone of anything you need to tell stories that feel authentic. People hate to be pitched, people hate to be advertised to but people love good stories.

This one goes out to the entrepreneurs in the audience, the elevator pitch has become a cliché. No one wants to hear about unique value propositions and synergies, what they want is a clear, concise explanation about how this product will effect someone and why that effect is worth paying for. In short, they want the story.

Well, let’s try something different.

Listen to this [2], watch the clip above and then tell me what you think about elevator pitches.

By the way, I love Dinosaurs, if you haven’t seen it in a few years, treat yourself to the intro.

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