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91. Storytelling and Psychology

91. Storytelling and Psychology

Stories touch our world in a number of ways, if nothing else, I hope this exploration of stories has taught you that. As we close in on the end, I wanted to give you a peek at the effect that stories have on a profession that you might not think has anything to do with storytelling – psychology.

This article by Miller Mair explores the purpose of storytelling in psychology, some reasons to believe that psychologists are – at their core – storytellers, and some examples of psychologists who have exemplified the art of the story.

If Carl Jung lived today, I think he would get along with Miller.

Here’s an excerpt,

At every stage of psychological work we tell tales of what we are up to and what we suppose we have found. In every telling of a psychological tale we have to speak in some way. As psychologists we usually choose the conventions of psychological story telling that are accepted by our peers and which are sober enough to suggest that the tale is not just some quirky expression of a particular person’s concerns.

Our implicit belief has been that we are really reporting on some aspect of what is so, rather than telling stories in particular, stylised, ways to meet the conventional dictates of our group. We have been led to a position of blindness, supposing that psychological science is chipping away, in impersonal and unbiased ways, at the reality of things and events. We have not been encouraged to suppose that we are choosing to tell tales in particular ways, for particular ends, and for the approval of particular audiences.

What other professions do you believe that storytelling touches? What other professions do you think that it should touch?

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    I like this article mainly because my concept through story telling is pretty much the same. Great work!