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32. Learn to Storyboard

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A story does you no good stuck in your head, and a complex story can be difficult to put together without some kind of central organizational principle. Storyboarding can help you make sense of all of the components of your tale.

If you want to know “how” to storyboard, there are a lot of places you can look.

Storyboard Design Course [2], by Giuseppe Cristiano will guide you step by step through the process. You can also get some good beginners advice on the web, like this article from Berkeley on multimedia storyboarding [3],

The first thing to tackle is the part about the story being nonlinear.

Divide the story into its logical, nonlinear parts, such as:

  • a lead or nut paragraph, essentially addressing why this story is important
  • profiles of the main person or people in the story
  • the event or situation
  • any process or how something works
  • pros and cons
  • the history of the event or situation
  • other related issues raised by the story

Instead of thinking “first part,” “second part”, “third part”, “fourth part”, think “this part”, “that part”, “another part”, and “yet another part”. It helps to avoid linear thinking. The home page comprises a headline, nut graph, an establishing visual (can be a background or central photograph, a slide show or a video), and links to the other parts, which are usually subtopics of the overall story.

No matter what path you choose to take, having a clear understanding of how to storyboard will help you get there faster.

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