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30. Be Willing to Cross Media

30. Be Willing to Cross Media

“Jeff Gomez said that what the attendees should understand is that young people watch 15 things at once, and that TV is no longer the sole centre of attention. So it’s necessary not to be worried about TV’s future but realize it’s position has changed. His company takes television and film properties that normally would exist in a silo and expands them to all the possible mediums it can be spread to. People are seeing things from a multi-tasking perspective, he said, and producers need to look at their properties in the same way.”

This quote comes from an article in Techvibes and it’s a strong statement about the progress of storytelling. We’ve touched on Transmedia Storytelling and I promised we would look at it more closely, but this isn’t the time. Right now, I wanted to give you a peek at the future. If you look at television shows like Heroes (which we talked about before) or books like J.C. Hutchins Dark Arts (which we will talk about soon), what you will see are stories that obliterate the boundaries between media, combining the best parts of a variety of different platforms to create something better.

I mentioned quite some time ago that you should focus on the story, not the platform on which you’re telling it and I’d like to extend that by saying – you should open your mind to the idea that in order to tell the story completely, you might need to cross the boundaries between storytelling mediums and bring your audience along for a ride.

By now, you’re probably asking about the video.

What are you looking at and just what does it have to do with cross-media storytelling?

Well, why don’t you find out and come back and tell me about it.

Your hint, 5:15:2:0:4.

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