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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series

Bottom Line: If you have the slightest inkling what Yu-Gi-Oh is then you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching this series.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (often abbreviated to Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged or simply YGOTAS) is a popular fan parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime as dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment. It is created by Martin Billany, better known by his screen name LittleKuriboh, who originally strived to update the series weekly, although this has not always been possible.[8] The series has become incredibly popular with the number of visits to the main site ranking over 30 million. The show’s increasing popularity has shown, with several new Abridged Series’ being created for other shows, following the precedent set by LittleKuriboh.

Each “episode” of the Abridged Series parodies the original Yu-Gi-Oh! equivalent and is typically four to six minutes per episode (though episode length has steadily increased with time). The series is made using clips from the original series while voicing most of the characters and placing in sound effects, music clips, and other references to popular culture. LittleKuriboh voices all of the Abridged Series characters with the exception of Rebecca Hawkins and various other bit characters, who are voiced by his wife Abigail (“Abi”), better known by her screen name Safty.


Cast: Martin Billany
YouTube Channel: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series
Website: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series
Support the Show: Visit The Store


Revver Page: YGOTAS


Style 4

Pacing 4.5

I’ve never seen a television parody this well executed. Every single episode manages to hit the mark, which is almost unheard of in the uneven world of web series. (Storytelling 5)

Polish 4

This series is geektastic, in fact, it is even more insidery than that it is anime geektastic. If you don’t care enough about anime to sit around laughing at it for a while then you probably won’t be able to sit through more than a few episodes of this. However, if you do this is an absolute masterpiece and you should probably be watching this right now. (Watchability 4.5)

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★½