Tom Konkle

Tom Konkle

Acting and writing team with David Beeler, often performing as a British sketch duo in shows Good Night and Double Act. They are currently developing and writing several television series and download-able content and mobile TV through their company Pith-e Productions. Tom was the founder of the infamous sketch troupe, McFwap. He also writes comic short films with Gino C. Vianelli.

Recently partnered with John Cleese as a performing team on a sketch comedy TV special. Currently, developing a television series pilot with Beeler as well as two series one with Marcus McCollum and one with Awkward Pictures.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Web Series Filmography: The Archaeology of Comedy (Sir Doctor George Flightus), Safety Geeks: SVI (Budwin Yacker), Invention with Brian Forbes, The Crew, Comedy Gumbo, Solo, The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

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  • knowledger

    Tom is also in The Crew, Comedy Gumbo, Solo and The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

  • sbspalding

    Thanks! I'll make the correction right now!

  • Tom Konkle

    Tom's location is Los Angeles California at the moment. No idea where Springfield, Virginia came in as a location LOL

  • sbspalding

    That's a really great question. It will be corrected asap. Hah!