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Tina Cesa Ward

Tina Cesa Ward

Tina Cesa Ward is a native of Cleveland Ohio. She attended Columbia College in Chicago where her student film “Bardo” was honored as one of the best films of year. Tina later moved to New York where she worked as a Production Supervisor and then later as a Producer and Editor on over 10 Public Television pledge shows.

Tina soon left the world of television to get back to her film work but decided first to take a shot at directing for the stage. And with four stage productions under her belt, Tina earned the Jean Dalrymple Award for Best Director in 2002 for her production of “Freak Show”. Tina has since gone on to direct several more productions for various theater companies.

In 2001, Tina produced and directed her first short film under her newly formed production company War Picture Company, Inc. “Responsible Nooses” premiered at the New York International Film and Video Festival. Tina was soon back at work on another short film “Thank the War” which during it’s premiere took home the Top Pick prize at the BigMini DV Festival in Brooklyn New York.

In 2003 Tina took on her most hailed short film to date “In Their Absence”. The short premiered at the Telluride Indie Festival and has screened in over a dozen films around the world and was awarded five times both domestically and abroad, including Best Short Film from the Northampton Film Festival and Lesbianism and Gender Award Zinegoak ’05 Bilbao GLBT Film Festival, Spain.

Tina later took on a different situation as a director for hire on the short film “Salutatorian”. The film went on to premiere and receive a Special Distinction Award at the BigMini DV Festival. During that time, Tina received an Honorable Mention for her screenplay “A Minor Second” from A Penny Short Screenwriting Competition.

In 2004, Tina directed the successful Off-Off-Broadway run of Colin P. Delaney’s”The Red Mollies”. Tina’s first feature film “Red Molly” an adaptation of the 2004 stage play premiered in June 2007 in New York City. In late 2007 Tina wrapped her sixth film, Christine Sohn’s short film “Irresistible”. Between the stage and the screen Tina has been awarded nearly a dozen times.

Late in 2007, Tina started her work on the now successful web series “Anyone But Me”

Location: Cleveland Ohio
Web Series Filmography: Anyone But Me (Director, Producer, Writer)

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  • ianlovecraft

    The zs is the best. The Vegas chapter just raised over 4grand two Saturdays ago for a benefit we did