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The World of Cory & Sid (2009)

The World of Cory & Sid (2009)

A web series for the slacker in all of us, THE WORLD OF CORY AND SID follows the lives of two best friends, sharing an apartment and living the life. Somewhat an odd couple, Sid (Pearce Akpata) and Cory (David Sharp) are both strangers in a strange land…a world where they’re considered adults.

When Cory, the Brit in our midst, is savagely cut off by his parents, unlike most saps without ingenuity, Cory decides to make his own way…by opening a restaurant in his living room, renting out random portions of his apartment, and various other schemes to put Zach Morris to shame. Cory can scheme his way out of almost anything until it’s revealed that he hasn’t paid his share of rent in months and that he and his roommates will soon be kicked out of their townhouse.

Caught up in the mix is Cory’s best mate, Sid, a Canadian far too levelheaded to risk eviction. Unlike his pal, Sid did his time in the higher educational system and he’s ready to take on the world of business…if only he could wake up before 11:00 AM. It’s often left up to Sid, “the responsible one,” to get them out of the troubles Cory lands them in.

Rounding out the slacker duo is their ragtag group of friends: Cheddar (Stefon Benson) the third roommate, an athlete obsessed with his girlfriend and getting ripped; Devon (Leigh Jonte), a preppy collegiate who wants nothing more than for her boyfriend to move out; and Semaj (Marissa Merrill), a guy’s girl always down for whatever mayhem the boys are looking to create.

Created by Caryn K. Hayes and produced by Hardly Working Entertainment, Cory & Sid will premiere in April 2009 on Blip.TV, YouTube and CoryandSid.com. New episodes every Wednesday for ten weeks!


Pearce Akpata (Sid Porter)
David Sharp (Cornelius Nelson)
Stefon Benson (Cheddar Donehey)
Leigh Jonte (Devon Bennett)
Marissa Merrill (Semaj)

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