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The Spoony Experiment

The Spoony Experiment

Bottom Line: Noah has a flair for the dramatic and off-the-wall style that is missing from much of the movie review market.

Noah Antwiler is the terrifying result of a generation raised on MTV and films by Jean-Claude van Damme and Steven Seagal at the height of their popularity. Writer, director, editor, and star of The Spoony Experiment, Noah shares a love for the three things author Neal Stephenson writes are the things America does better than anyone else: music, movies, and microcode. He created the Experiment as an homage to Mystery Science Theater 3000, the first show to scream back at the culture that raised him. He’s been a published poet in Seattle, and has acted in community productions of Grease, Our Town, Dags, Baby, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Interview With The Vampire. Most recently, he has appeared in an ASU Mainstage production of Stolen Children as Father Mandin.

Noah initially began on the Internet writing comedic movie reviews called Tandem’s Movie Rants, which are film critiques, live movie recaps, or essays on recent trends in film or TV. With a viewpoint always controversial, Noah’s rants are usually critical of both mainstream popular media culture and the detail-obsessive “fanboy” community. Over the years, these rants have evolved in form in the hopes of being entertaining but also to elevate moviegoer expectations. Thanks to the creative input and support (and a fair amount of harsh derision from some) of the Kenzerco Forumites, Noah has come to this new media to give back as much of the entertainment as possible that MST3K gave him. He’s also written the Gamer’s Rant on the Movies column in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine for over three years.


Cast: Noah Antwiler
Blip.tv Channel: The Spoony Experiment
Website: The Spoony Experiment
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iTunes Feed: The Spoony Experiment


When you have a blue, toy robot with a vacuum cleaner for a head as one of your co-hosts I have to give you a few extra style points. Web producers, take note. (Style 4.5)

Noah breaks up the Reviews really well, he knows when to “do something else” other than talk at the camera or show a clip. Especially for long shows like this, it helps to keep your attention. (Pacing 4)

Storytelling 3.5

Polish 4

Like the Nostalgia Critic, these reviews can go a bit long. If you love movies, videos games and geek culture in general you’re going to love the attention to detail. If you are a casual observer, this might not be your thing. (Watchability 3.5)

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆