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The Morning After

The Morning After

Oh the wonders of torture-porn. This one comes with a nice big dollop of Troma on the side. The Morning After is the story of a woman who wakes up to find herself in a rather awkward situation after a less than fortuitous sexual romp.

To make matters worse, she soon finds that her arm is stuck under a man sporting just a little too much leather.

What is a girl to do? Saw of your arm, of course! What follows is several minutes of hilariously gruesome dismemberment comedy that will give the squeamish reason to close their eyes and the rest of us a few good belly laughs.

Is the story deep and meaningful? Well, I guess it really depends on how you look at it but what I will say is that this is incredibly entertaining and well worth the time it will take to watch it.

Creator’s Description

Emily has just awoken to discover that last nights activities, have – by far – exceeded her usual exploits in sexual depravity. So much so in fact, she’s now going to have to sever her right arm which happens to be firmly wedged under the slumbering behemoth beside her.

Will she escape without disturbing her sleeping captive? Will she discover the true meaning of sacrifice? And will she find a means of tearing off the last remnants of muscle from her splintering arm bone? All is answered in this latest art-house entry, into the splatter / comedy / torture-porn genre.


Cast: Aldiana Sterjova, Ange Galati, Michael Traurig
Vimeo Channel: The Morning After
Website: Snowgum Films


Fake blood, fake bone, fake shattered muscle tissue, this is a makeup artists dream and for something so over the top the effects are actually pretty solid. (Style 5)

Pacing 4

Like I said before, this movie falls deeply into the Troma territory. If you are expecting to understand the mayhem you are looking in the wrong place. You would be much better off just sitting back and enjoying the carnage.(Storytelling 3.5)

Polish 4

This is not for the squemish, if you have never been a big fan of dismemberment then you should probably look elsewhere. (Watchability 4)

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆