The Crew

The Crew

Bottom Line: Brett Register is quickly becoming my favorite artists working in web series today, this show is only a small proof of that. The green screen effects are well done, the acting has the right amount of camp and the story is pure B-grade Sci-fi joy.

The Crew is comedy blending wit, situational humor and human interaction nestled in the environment of the space ship Azureas. If the characters from the hit television comedy The Office were the crew members on board the Star Ship Enterprise, our show is what you would get. RegisteredFilms’ Brett Register conceived the idea as a web series to leverage the Internet and mobile device’s proven ability to effectively reach insatiable consumers, consumers that will tune in at their leisure to view this web series.

With 15 episodes per season, averaging 5 – 10 minutes per episode viewers of The Crew have just enough time to get to know the characters and story, but are left asking, “When is the next episode coming?” The humor is dry, subtle as we massage the intellect and funny bone of a bright clever audience ready for a new comedy tailored for them. The Crew will provide consumers with free content they’ll love and advertisers with a demographic that justify spending money marketing their products with us.


Cast: Philip Bache, Brett Register, Craig Frank, Ariel Lazarus, Amy Kline, Michael Hart, Michelle Exarhos, Angie Cole Channel: The Crew
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I love the green screen effects. They are cheesy enough to fit the theme without being so cheesy that they become grating (you see what I did there?). If you’re going to do a SciFi series on a shoe string, you would do well to take notes from these guys. (Style 4.5)

The show moves at a slow, deliberate pace. Usually this would be a bad, bad thing for a web series but the dialogue is so well written you get drawn in. While the “joke ratio” is lower than some comedy web series, the storytelling is better and the characters are more likable. With a story like this, good writing can really pull the episodes together and make up for the fact that we don’t get to see starship battles or aliens with head tentacles every other episode. (Pacing 4.5)

Storytelling 4

Polish 4

Watchability 4

If this is anywhere else I would give it at least a 4, but on the Internet the idea is that everything is made better if you do it in space. They took the “wacky working environment” Office-esque high concept and moved it to space. It works really, really well but they don’t deviate too far from the script. (Novelty 3.5)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆