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The 7 Best Supernatural Web Series

The 7 Best Supernatural Web Series

We all know that web series producers love Zombies, but as it turns out there is one other supernatural entity that tickles their fancy even more and that is the old staple of genre horror the Vampire. Since this is not a list about the best Vampire web series, we decided to mix things up a bit and include some demons, devils and other nasty bits alongside everyone’s favorite blood sucker.

To start us off, turn your attention upwards to Craig and The Werewolf, a personal favorite.


Summary: Absolution The Series, a supernatural thriller that follows an ensemble group of mysterious, dangerous and conflicted characters through the dirty streets of old Las Vegas.

Run Time: 4+ minutes
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
See More: Absolution

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I Heart Vampires

Summary: Corbin is the #1 fan of the Confessions of a High School Vampire book series, running the fansite IHeartVampires.net with her best friend, Luci. After Corbin leaks part of the final novel, the “fangosphere” explodes, sending the girls on an adventure where they cross paths with the mysterious Nick, and their lives begin to imitate the very series that they love. Only with your help can Corbin and Luci complete their quest and set the world right again.

Run Time: 3+ minutes
Genre: Vampire
See More: I Heart Vampires

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Summary: An teen girl’s brother is murdered at Valemont, an elite college on the east coast. Disguised as a student, the girl works undercover to unravel Valemont’s dark secrets from within.

Run Time: 9+ minutes
Genre: Vampire Horror
See More: Valemont

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Soul Fire Rising

Summary: Soul Fire Rising takes us on a journey between Heaven and Hell, where Demons and Wingers fight for human souls in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

Run Time: 4+ minutes
Genre: Supernatural Horror
See More: Soul Fire Rising

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Dead And Lonely

Summary: Dead and Lonely brings the classic vampire love story to the modern Internet dating age. The series unfolds from both the predator and the victim’s perspective until the characters finally meet. In the vein of Let the Right One In the series focuses on the mundane reality of the day-to-day life of an immortal, while seeking to humanize her to the degree that she seems almost as desperate and lonely as the rest of modern society.

Run Time: 5+ minutes
Genre: Vampire Drama
See More: Dead And Lonely


Summary: For nearly 150 years, The Program has pursued its secret mission to identify and develop the “abilities” of individuals with paranormal powers.

Now, Hope Fox is its number one target and she needs your help!

As Hope goes on the run, the only people she can trust are Belinda and the members of SAGE – a small group of resistance fighters who oppose the The Program. By participating in challenges, you’ll become a member of SAGE and help Belinda and Hope evade Program agents and discover the dark truth behind Zain’s disappearance, Mrs. Fox’s true identity and The Program’s real motives.

Run Time: 9+ minutes
Genre: Superhero
See More: In2ition

What are your favorite Supernaturally themed Web Series?

  • Oldskool

    Well, the article is interesting, but loses focus throwing in non-supernatural sci-fi like the amazing In2ition (which I guess is for the best if it gets the show more attention…).

    Off the top of my head, 2 glaring ommisions:
    Karma Kula (which is supernatural, dealing with demons and such)
    The Ennead (which is supernatural and superhero genre, dealing with gods, prophesies, and superpowers)

  • Guest
  • Carmen Damocles

    These look like interesting shows. Something to challenge even the Supernatural TV shows.