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Something To Be Desired

Something To Be Desired

Bottom Line: This is probably the most well balanced, story-driven series I’ve had the pleasure to review. Where many web series suffer from uneven presentation, writing or pacing, STBD manages to be consistently good across its entire run.

Something to Be Desired is a web sitcom (or web series, or web video series,webcom, webisodes, or whatever imprecise descriptor you’d choose to explain us to your friends) about life after college. Created and produced in Pittsburgh, PA, we’ve been online since the summer of 2003. In that time, we’ve developed over seven hours of original content, all of which can be seen here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and entirely free.

STBD films with a local cast and crew. We shoot our web series on mini-DV (the Panasonic DVX-100A model, to be exact), edit in Final Cut Pro, and distribute on multiple platforms, including Blip TV and iTunes.

We here at STBD are torn between our hatred of corporate monoliths and our need to feed, clothe and provide shelter for ourselves, so while you may see the occasional ad or bit of merch, we’re doing all we can to avoid plugging into the system. Therefore, if you like what you see, spread the word! (We need all the help we can get…)


Cast: Heather Beschizza, Laura Lee Brautigam, Josh Hansen, Ann Turiano, Shaun Hall, Lacey Fleming, Rick Hertzig, Teresa Trich, Matthew Preston, Will Guffey, Jennifer Koegler, Trent Wolfred, Erik Schark, Shaun Starke, Courtney Jenkins, Ryan Ben
Blip.tv Channel: Something To Be Desired
Website: Something To Be Desired
Support the Show: Visit The STBD Store


Feed: Feed
Twitter Page Something To Be Desired


Style 3.5

Pacing 4 (Each episode covers a a lot of ground. They come in at about 10 minutes a piece but none of it is derivative. It’s one of those shows that once you start it you’ll have to see it through to the end. The character development is solid if not a bit uneven, it takes a little while to really get into the supporting cast’s head but once you’re there the series gets even better.)

A compelling, meaty story that takes a while to unravel. This is one of those series that will do you absolutely no good to watch as an one off, if you’re going to start with Something to Be Desired you need to be willing to commit yourself to at least a few episodes to get a feeling for the characters and to understand the arc. (Storytelling 4.5)

Polish 3.5

Rock solid writing, directing and acting make this an easy to enjoy series. The fact that it has been going for as long as it has deserves a nod as well. Web series typically have a short shelf life, either the writers can’t hold the story together or the talent moves on to other projects, but STBD has been on air for six seasons and still seems fresh. (Watchability 4.5)

Novelty 3.5

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

  • http://justinkownacki.blogspot.com Justin Kownacki

    Thanks for the compliments! Lord knows we've improved since our first episode (which you've linked to), so I always shudder when I realize that might be someone's first impression of what we've done for 6 years. But we all start somewhere…

    I also wanted to mention that you've linked to the wrong Blip feed — ours is http://stbd.blip.tv/

    STBD has been on hiatus since I moved to Baltimore and the cast did not. However, we'll endeavor to remain “consistently good” in whatever we come up with next.