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Seeking Simone

Seeking Simone

Bottom Line: It’s still early in the series and it feels like the writers are looking for their groove, but with a gleefully neurotic main character and a great eye for awkward date setups it’s on the path to being great.

Seeking Simone is a new lesbian web series about online dating. Follow the adventures of Simone Selkin as she dates her way through gay Toronto!

“What’s so great about meeting ‘in real life’ first anyway? That’s how Ava Braun met Hitler and look how that turned out.”

Simone Selkin is single and in no way ready to mingle. Her excuses? Well, she’s new to Toronto, she’s trying to make the most of her big break on CSIS:ForensicSWAT and, if she’s honest, she’s still getting over her ex, Rebecca, who was a total skank. But back in Vancouver, Simone’s best friend Audrey has a plan to get Simone back on the horse. And that plan is “online dating”.

Don’t fret, hets – Seeking Simone is not just for homos. It’s a comedy for anyone who’s ever dared to date – and lived to cringe forever over the tale.


Cast: Renee Olbert, Anna Chatterton, Michelle Girouard, Liz Pounsett, David Bronfman, Kiran Friesen, Zoie Palmer, Jennifer Brown, Eli Mcilveen Julian Sark
Blip.tv Channel: Seeking Simone
Website: Seeking Simone
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Style 3.5

It’s a dating story which means that a lot of episodes revolve around Simone on dates and the wacky, interesting, embarrassing stuff that evolves from it. For the most part, the setup is gold but sometimes the awkward moments are dragged out a little too long. You might be saying, “Well, that’s what makes them awkward,” but I found myself waiting for the joke in places. It’s still early in the series and they seem to be feeling it out but a faster buildup might really help to push the story along. (Pacing 3)

Storytelling 3.5

Polish 3

This is really, really fun to watch. They have managed to set Simone up on wildly different dates from episode to episode and it’s a pleasure to see what comes next. If you watch one lesbian dating series that takes place in Canada this season, this should be it. (Watchability 4.5)

Much of the action of the story is told second hand via webcam. This is a fun premise and adds a touch of reality to the series. If there is any complaint at all it is that Simone is sometimes too honest, a little embellishment for comic effect might be entertaining. (Novelty 3.5)

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆