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Bottom Line: Super heroes, government conspiracies, and angst all wrapped up in a cocoon of solid writing and directing. While the story sometimes moves more slowly than you would like, this character driven super hero series rises way above most everything else in the genre.

A Community of young people with extraordinary abilities live in hiding, trying to lead normal lives.

A black-ops government Agency is searching endlessly for them, hoping to utilize their gifts for the good of the nation.

As the Agency draws ever closer, this Community must come together in order to preserve their way of life- no matter what the cost.

Told from the perspective of both the Community and the Agency, g14 productions presents “Reservation”, a new dramatic science fiction web series that explores how far people will go to protect their families and their country.

To learn more about the history and the people of the Community and the Agency, investigate the site and share your thoughts in our forum.


Creators: Matthew Balthrop, David White
Blip.tv Channel: Reservation
Website: Reservation
Support the Show: Watch G14′s Other Videos


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Twitter Page G14 Productions


It’s a super hero series that actually has some pretty great special effects. They don’t pull any punches in Reservation and the show is better for it. Instead of sticking to powers that would have been easy to shoot, they have a wide range of interesting abilities and characters willing to use them. (Style 5)

While the overall speed of the story is brisk, they run into the problem that you often see with ensemble casts — there is this tendency to underdevelop characters. While they tend to base episodes around the actions of one or two of the characters, it’s still sometimes difficult to get a feeling for everyone’s motivations. (Pacing 4)

It’s hard to do a super hero web series for a variety of reasons. It’s hard to do a series with an ensemble cast for a variety of reasons. The fact that the creators decided to do an ensemble series about super heroes deserves a few points by itself. What they have managed to pull off, however, is even better — they’ve done this kind of series well. Certainly there are parts that could be tighter, especially with the interplay between the heroes and the government agency chasing them but in sum it is an absolutely enjoyable ride. (Storytelling 4.5)

Polish 4.5

Watchability 4

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★½