Rebecca Frasier

Rebecca Frasier

Born into an extremely affluent home in New York, Rebecca Marie soon found that she was no stranger to the darker side of human nature. When Rebecca was three, her father, Bruce, was kidnapped by the Yakuza; in exchange, they wanted $3,000,000 USD (roughly 351,195,007.32 yen today). Rebecca’s genuine blueblood grandfather begrudgingly offered up the ransom, and everything soon changed for young Rebecca.

Now forced into the public spotlight, Bruce chose a more low-profile profession than his previous position at Goldman Sachs. Making a decision to follow his lifelong cowboy dream, Bruce, his wife Jeanie, and his children Rebecca and Patrick headed south to Texas to begin their new life together. They chose to reside in a humble two bedroom, one bath cabin on 10 acres of fertile land. Bruce had two cows, eight goats, and 27 barrels of onion seed. Little did Rebecca know, those onion seeds would soon change everyone’s lives. Rebecca loved her father for taking care of them.

And Rebecca loves to embellish.

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Web Series Filmography: Red vs Blue (Sister)

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