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Real Life With Married People

Real Life With Married People

Bottom Line: Boy is this a fun show to watch. This wins the award for shortest series that still manages to keep your attention. Even if you aren’t married (and maybe especially if you aren’t) you’ll find something to laugh at here.

Real Life With Married People is a series of very short web videos about a couch, and the two people who sit on it a lot.

The two people are married to each other, and if you happen to be married, in a relationship, or at least familiar with the general concepts, you just might find their exploits hilarious mildly amusing depressingly relatable.

People who enjoy describing things by comparing things to other things describe Real Life With Married People as “Mad About You meets Beavis and Butthead.” Not literally, of course, though such a crossover would be hilarious to watch for the obvious tension between co-stars Helen Hunt and Butthead, who are now divorced.


Cast: Celia Finkelstein, Destin Berthelot
YouTube Channel: Real Life With Married People
Website: Real Life With Married People
Support the Show: Play Some Shuffle Tennis


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Facebook Page Real Life With Married People


No sets, no scenes no problems. Each episode is shot with the married couple sitting on or around the couch. Normally, this might get stale after a while but in this case it adds to the overall understated nature of the humor. We’re left feeling that their life is the same, humdrum back and forth day in and day out punctuated by the clever little scenes that we see every episode. (Style 3.5)

Pacing 5

Storytelling 3.5

Polish 4

Some of these come in at under 1 minute but it’s so tightly scripted that I never felt short changed. The actors really own their parts. This show is also incredibly easy to watch, and you’ll find yourself burning through the snappy episodes in no time. (Watchability 5)

Novelty 3.5

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆