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Radical Rifle Icon

Radical Rifle Icon

Radical Rifle Icon is the story of an actor turned soldier who keeps getting killed by a ninja assassin and brought back to life by a sadist who likes to eat hamburgers while injecting red dye 24 into corpses.

It touches on issues of identity, death and the toll that war can take on the soul but honestly it’s also really, really campy. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing particularly funny about the script but after watching for a few minutes you can tell that Ramiro Bélanger (the writer/director) had his tongue pressed pretty firmly against their cheek.

Come on, the agency that is in charge of bringing soldiers back to life is called the “Death Rising Department.” I might not be involved with any government branding projects but that sounds a whole heck of a lot like something Umbrella would sponsor to speed up the production of Zombies.

Even the blood effects have that 70s kitsch that you can’t really take seriously, especially when you know the character will be back about 20 seconds later. Did I mention that the main character looks almost exactly like Guile for Street Fighter?

I liked this movie a lot, it combined melodrama with enough subtle camp that you can let some the minor execution problems (the jungle looks nothing like a jungle except for the plastic trees) go. If you know what you are getting into this is a ride that you will be happy to take.

Creator’s Description

Ex-actor turned commando Andy Frazer (Richard Zeman) is one of a few army men that can be brought back to life by the DEATH RISING DEPARTMENT. A reality with which his soul will struggle more and more.


Cast: Richard Zeman
Vimeo Channel: Radical Rifle Icon
Website: Ramiro Belanger


Pretty much entirely for the hamburger eating doctor and the 70s style blood effects (Style 4)

It moves a little too slowly for its own good. I know that they were trying to build up the melodrama but without breaks in the tension it occasionally felt like padding. (Pacing 3.5)

Storytelling 4

Polish 3.5

This is really fun to watch, especially when you realize that you shouldn’t be taking it too seriously. (Watchability 4.5)

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆