Pick Five: Web Series To Watch

Pick Five: Web Series To Watch

Pick Five is a segment where Steve Spalding, our resident editor and a guest share five web series they are watching this week and give you some thoughts about them.

For our premiere Pick Five we are joined by filmmaker Ryan Balas, who has most recently been involved in directing Carter: The Movie, which will be premiering on November 24th (8:45 PM) at the Anthology Film Archives, as a part of the New Filmmakers Fall Series.

If you are in New York City, be sure to check him out.

Now, for this week’s picks.

Ryan: Dead and Lonely

When Justin, down on his luck with love, decides to create a profile on the dating website Date or Die, he may have bitten more than he can chew…or it could be the other way around. Lee is not who she appears to be.

This new series from horror auteur TI West (The House of the Devil) is just beginning over at IFC and looks to be both aesthetically experimental and have a fun horror bite to it. The first episode “Date or Die” has a great score and premise, and the series looks really promising. New episodes up daily (started oct. 26) at 12noon.

Website: Dead and Lonely
Creators: by TI West and IFC
Cast: Justin Rice, Paige Stark.

Ryan: Young American Bodies

The sex lives of twenty-somethings living in Chicago intersect in this episodic web series by Joe Swanberg.

With three seasons under it’s belt, and a fourth one on it’s way, you can expect to see the love lives of Ben, Dia, Maggie and the rest of the rotating cast on full display. Likely the most sexually explicit work by Swanberg served with great stories and fully developed, realistic characters and relationships. This show often features prominent figures of the film festival circuit like Lynn Shelton (Humpday) and Greta Gerwig (Hannah takes the stairs). Season Four begins this fall.

Website: Young American Bodies
Creators: Joe Swanberg, Kris Swanberg and IFC
Starring: Joe Swanberg, Kris Swanberg, Eve Rounds, Nathan Adloff, Nikita Word, Mollie Leibovitz

Steve: Old Friends

Old Friends was developed by Nick Ross and Tim Curcio as a spinoff from an orginal sketch show at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The premise is pretty simple, Nick Ross runs into old “friend” Tim Curcio one afternoon. They get to talking about the past which happens to include that one time when Nick took Tim’s wife’s virginity.

It’s funny, it’s sharp and it explores interesting issues about sex, friendship and dwelling in the past.

Website: Old Friends
Creators: Tim Curcio, Nick Ross, Matt Cady
Cast: Tim Curcio, Nick Ross, Amy Flanagan, Natalie Knepp

Steve: O-Cast

O-Cast is only about two episodes in, usually I reserve my judgment when a show is so new but I can’t help myself, I really like it from the concept all the way down. It’s a mockumentary shot with reality TV sensibilities that follows the travails of 12 Greek Gods as they try to adjust to life in New York City, nearly 2000 years since people lost faith in them.

Each of the characters is a broad sketch of their Olympian counter-parts — womanizing Zeus, egotistical Aphrodite so on and so forth down the line. As a result, it helps to have some knowledge about the myths. Even if you don’t, there are enough “Real World” elements here to keep you entertained. I’m a little surprised I haven’t heard more about this, it’s definitely worth a viewing.

Website: O-Cast
Creators: Bryan Dechart, Anne Richmond
Cast: Jon Riddleberger, Peter Coleman, Andrews Landsman, Kate Kuen, Anne Richmond, Eddie Gutierrez, Heather Parcells, Alex Goode, Leah Johnston, Preston Martin, Tim Reinhart, Steven Medvidick, Erik Gullberg, Michael Eisenstein, John Boonin, Jonathan Hinman, Nicole Balsam

Editor’s Choice: Condition:Human

Condition:Human is our Editor’s Choice pick for this week’s Pick Five. This six-part science fiction drama explores the fine line between humanity and the machine. The story is extremely well crafted (albeit somewhat slow) and the visual effects are just stunning. You can see our full review here.

Our Guest’s Project: Carter

Synopsis: In three days, Jeb Sminch is going to kill himself and he’s never been happier. When Jebediah Sminch was 17, he made a vow that he would kill himself at the age of 25 if he wasn’t married by the time he was 23. ‘Carter’ takes place three days before Jeb’s 25th birthday.

The film will have it’s NYC premiere on November 24th at the Anthology Film Archives, as part of the New Filmmakers Fall Series.

Time: 8:45 pm Cost: $6 and free wine!

To purchase a Naked Series Festival Screener of Carter go to: www.carterthemovie.com

Website: Carter: The Movie
Creators: Ryan Andrew Balas, Princeton Holt
Starring: Mark Ryan, Julia Porter Howe, Richard Buonagurio and Deirdre Herlihy

If you have a web series or short film and you want to submit it for review (increasing the chance we will stumble upon it for the Pick Five), be sure to head over to our Backstage.