People To Follow In Film [October]

People To Follow In Film [October]

Here at 93 Studio’s Screening Room we have the good fortune of talking to a lot of really clever people, many of them happen to be on Twitter. Since it would be impossible for us to tell you about everyone, every month we are going to try to bring you a list of interesting people to follow. This list was inspired by Jessi’s (@CORKY242) fantastic list of people to connect with through Twitter.

We hope you find this useful, and if you have any suggestions of your own be sure to contact us.



Overall, Tubefilter is the single best source for news about web series and is a fantastic guide for people learning more about the industry.

You are sure to find some great links on their Twitter page, both from their blog and about other interesting happenings in this burgeoning landscape.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Jessica Stover


A whip-smart filmmaker and director out of Virginia with some strong opinions on the industry, media consolidation and advertising, Jessica is definitely worth a follow.

She is also putting together Artemis Eternal, a scifi/fantasy movie of her own.

[Twitter] [Webpage] [Artemis Eternal]

Film Courage


Jay and Mark Duplass Interview filmmakers and industry professionals for LA Talk Radio. Not only are they good people to know if you have a film project, but their interviews and the links they share are fantastic for anyone who wants an insider look at how the industry works from the mouths of those in the trenches.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Wolfgang Junghans


Wolfgang runs a community for filmmakers, he also provides a strong international perspective on filmmaking with links and resources that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

He is an absolute must follow especially if you are interested in the journalistic side of filmmaking.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Film Snobbery


Film Snobbery gives an east-coast perspective on the film industry. Their site is a good place to go for some solid resources on the art of filmmaking and their Twitter account is a great extension of this. You’ll find reviews, interviews, trailers and tutorials of all stripes.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Power To The Pixel


There really is an incredible amount of talent behind Power To The Pixel. It is a company that helps international filmmakers transition into the new digital landscape. As you might expect, you’ll find a lot of great information about the use and abuse of new media in filmmaking and how to take advantage of these tools to create better films.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Gennefer Snowfield


Gennefer is easily one of my favorite people working in the branded entertainment business. Through her company Space Truffles she is trying to develop a more robust relationship between web series producers and brands, and help to provide an answer to one of the stickier questions in independent filmmaking, “How are we going to pay for all of this?”

[Twitter] [Webpage] [Space Truffles]

Julie Keck and Jessica King


Julie and Jessica offer a good mix of commentary and links about filmmaking, they also are great people to know if you are trying to discover new and interesting projects in the industry. Did I forget to mention that they are also filmmakers? Their current projects are Anxiety Acres and Libidoland, which are both parts of the IDVILLE collection.

[Twitter] [Webpage] [IDVILLE]

Kris McLaughlin


A writer and the director of marketing at Either/Or Films, her tweets are a good mix of industry news, promoting of other filmmakers and general discussions of media.

Her most recent films are The Sensation of Sight and Someplace Like America (which is currently in production).

[Twitter] [The Sensation Of Sight]



Jessi is the creative force behind Indie Film Follow Friday (#IFFF), Film Follow Friday (#FFF) and the inspiration for this list. Not only that but she is also one of the biggest supporters of independent film that I know, with a much needed international perspective on filmmaking. Be sure to take a look at her blog for some more great people to connect to.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Fans Of Film


Fans of Film are a father and daughter team of film reviewers who also run a community for film professionals. I’m not only really impressed by the strength of their reviews, but I am also impressed by the energy they have devoted to the independent film community. If you haven’t taken a look at their Twitter page it is well worth a visit.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Steve Lettieri


Steve is one of the creative minds behind Zerk’s Log, a show that we really like over here in the Studio. More recently, he has created SciFi Final, a portal for science fiction web series which is a great resource for anyone interested in the genre. Expect links to great shows along with some insightful industry news.

[Twitter] [Webpage] [Scifi Final]

David Nett


David is the writer, producer and creator of one of our favorite shows GOLD: The Series. He is also a great point of contact if your interest in web series is on the geekier end of things.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Chad From Crackle


Chad is the Community Manager for, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online digital destination for web series, movies and television. He is also deeply in the know about the industry and has a lot of insight into the big brand side of independent television production, not to mention the inside scope to all of Crackle’s new programming.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Film Annex


Film Annex is a pretty fantastic service, it offers filmmakers a home for their movies and it splits advertising revenue with them. They are also big supporters of filmmaking in general, and their twitter account is a great resource for discovering new and original programming.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Tamara Krinsky


Tamara is an actor and journalist who covers a variety of new media topics.

She has a lot of good resources to share on the intersections of social media and filmmaking as well as great perspective on the business side of the craft.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Phil Seneker


Phil Seneker is a filmmaker, screenwriter and photographer who has his finger on the pulse of Seattle filmmaking. More than anything Phil is a strong supporter of independent filmmaking and the information that he shares is right inline with that desire.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Rich Mbariket


Rich is the founder of the Web Series Network and a stellar source for up to date information on web series. Rich’s network is also a fantastic community for web television creators to share ideas, collaborate and show off their great work. All in all, Rich is one of the first people you should be following if you are interested in the space.

[Twitter] [Webpage]



Indie Flix is a premiere community that helps filmmakers sell their content through DVDs and streaming. As such they have quite a bit of insight into the business side of the industry, they are also a great place to discover new content, whether through their Twitter account or through their site.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Matt Jarbo


Matt does a fantastic job of promoting independent films through his site, Flash Your Shorts. Since his interests are primarily in helping people discover great new content, you will find that a lot of his tweets revolve around helping filmmakers get their work seen. A great choice for independent content producers of all stripes.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Gary King


Gary is a filmmaker from New York who is currently shopping his new film New York Lately to festivals.

He is a genuinely nice guy with some really good perspective on filmmaking from the trenches. Well worth a follow.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Patty Fantasia


Patty is the Director of Marketing at the Nevada Film Alliance, and a fantastic source for finding out about other filmmakers and what they are going. On top of this, she is also co-producing a short film called Accused and writes for Las Vegas Round The Clock.

[Twitter] [Webpage] [Nevada Film Alliance]

Chris Wiltz


Chris is a screenwriter who is currently working on a zombie-comedy web series called Semi-Dead. He is also a good source of information about general film topics as well as quite a few other bits and pieces of culture. Add to that fact that Chris is a really nice guy, there is no reason you shouldn’t be following him.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Jenn Page


Jenn is a director, actor, producer and owner of Luminave Films. Jenn is also an extraordinarily helpful supporter of independent content producers who shares her expertise at every opportunity. She is currently working on The LUVumentary — part mockumentary, part social experiment.

[Twitter] [Webpage] [The LUVumentary]

Craig Wilson


Craig is a firebrand and prolific Tweeter with a strong interest in promoting independent film. He is the mind behind #webserieswed and #indiemm and is currently working on developing public film screening events across the country. He is definitely a great guy to get to know if you want to be on the bleeding edge of the industry.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

Jeff Elwell


Jeff is a great lover of web series who has a great site on the subject (Webseries To Watch). He is also a strong support of web television and makes a point to share news about new shows and interesting shifts in the industry.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

John Bosley


John Bosley is the writer, director and producer of the independent film Amnesia. He is also a film lover who has quite a bit to say about film development, distribution and finding your audience. John is also the owner of J.B. Movies and Visual Arts Film production company.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

John Paul Rice


John Paul Rice is the president of No Restrictions Entertainment, and co-creator (alongside Edgar Bravo) of the film One Hour Fantasy Girl. He shares a lot of great resources for filmmakers who are trying to get a better understanding of the industry and those who are looking for tools to help make their films more successful.

[Twitter] [Webpage]

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