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Bottom Line: This show needs more episodes. It’s a brilliantly executed parody of every bad ghost hunters show you’ve ever seen and even some you haven’t.

Losers by day – ghost hunters by night. From the garage of his disapproving grandmother’s home, soldier of all that is good, Ken Livingston, leads a team of supernatural investigators in a search for truth, justice and poltergeists.

In each episode, our heroes confront para-abnormalities that no other team would dare — busting ghosts caught on sex tapes, braving motel rooms that kill (and have no cable or turndown service), and seducing succubi.


Cast: Ken Livingston, Alexander “Bunky” Hunt, Joe Schmidt, Tony Kryczeskiwicz and Wendy.
YouTube Channel: Paraabnormal
Website: Paraabnormal
Support the Show: Join Paraabnormal’s Facebook Fan Page


Facebook Page Paraabnormal


As parodies go this works perfectly, it’s structured just like television Ghost Hunter shows, from the black and white to the ultra-tight camera angles to the quirky assortment of “scientific” gadgets. You couldn’t ask for more. (Style 4.5)

Pacing 4

Clear characterization. When dealing with web series far too often you end up with generic characters that would be completely interchangeable if they got a little Nicholas Cage style Face/Off treatment. Especially when you’re dealing with an ensemble cast good characterization is critical to give the series flow. Even though it’s still really early in the series, if ParaAbnormal keeps this up they’ll have something really entertaining on their hands. (Storytelling 4.5)

Polish 3.5

Watchability 4

I always thought that the Ghost Hunter show on Discovery Channel was a parody, but ParaAbnormal has proved me wrong. You can’t go wrong with Ghost Sex Tapes. (Novelty 4)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

  • Oldskool

    Looks cool, albeit not as far along as Paranormal Investigative Team. One confusing part was the title, as it makes one think it is a reference to the slightly older comic of the same name. (Is it an homage?)