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Palisades Pool Party (2009)

Palisades Pool Party (2009)

Palisades High popular girl, Cassidy Flowers, is hosting a huge party to kick off the summer. But on the morning of the big event, Cassidy wakes to find her childhood best friend and neighbor, the awkward and unpopular Josh McKenzie in her bed.

To go from dating Pre-Med student, Chad Burton to sleeping with Josh, is just the kind of thing that turns popular girls into bathroom gossip. To make matters worse, a jealous Josh creates a scene in front of Cassidy’s popular pals (Bianca, Tori and Mischa) when he discovers Chad’s name has been left off the party’s infamous “blacklist.”

As the day unfolds, it’s all Cassidy can do to keep the party preparations on track as she faces a number of escalating crises including a near drug overdose, an unwanted pregnancy and an attack on her sister which she witnesses via Web Cam. There is also the matter of her friends waning loyalties and the vengeful efforts of Josh to “sa-bitch-tage” the party by inviting everyone from the “blacklist”.

But after a hostage situation and a near fatal car crash, Cassidy, Josh and their friends realize just how fragile life can be and, with the help of Scott and Mario (two jocks with fake IDs), DJ Antwon (Josh’s vinyl-spinning BFF) and several kick ass live bands (courtesy of Tori’s music executive father), they rally to make the party a raging success.

But at what cost to Cassidy and Josh’s budding romance? Can Josh ever get past his insecurities about Chad, the Super Ex-Boyfriend? And will Cassidy forgive Josh for his efforts to ruin her party? Will she allow her true feelings for Josh to show in front of her popuar friends? And what will happen when Josh’s new online gal pal turns out to be a schizo-psycho strapped with explosives?

The next 24 hours will be intense and a little insane, and by sunrise, not everyone will have survived. You’re all invited to the Palisades Pool Party unless of course you’ve been blacklisted.


Ashley Schneider (Cassidy Flowers)
Whitmer Thomas (Josh McKenzie)
Katie Seeley (Bianca Harris)
Mary Kasnias (Tori White)
Danny Zaccagnino (Mischa Franco)
Joseph Lee Fields (Antwon Williams)
Andrew Pandaleon (Scott Holmes)
Ronnie Alvarez (Mario Lopez)
Philip Marlatt (Chad Burton)
Karen Austin (Karen McKenzie)

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