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Old Friends

Old Friends

Bottom Line: Old Friends was developed by Nick Ross and Tim Curcio as a spinoff from an original sketch show at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The premise is pretty simple, Nick Ross runs into old “friend” Tim Curcio one afternoon. They get to talking about the past which happens to include that one time when Nick took Tim’s wife’s virginity.

It’s funny, it’s sharp and it explores interesting issues about sex, friendship and dwelling in the past.

Old Friends is comedy about friendship, sex, boundaries and virginity. It is the story of Tim and Nick, two 28 year- olds who, until now, haven’t seen each other since high school. Tim is married to his high school sweetheart, Andrea. Nick is dating Andrea’s best friend, Katie.

Everything would be fine if Nick hadn’t taken Andrea’s virginity back in high school. Since high school, Nick’s life has been impulsive and non-committal. He’s a bartender living in New York, enjoying the women and the lifestyle and taking it as it comes. Tim married Andrea, his high school sweetheart, shortly after graduating and they now live comfortably together in Manhattan.

Having never explored a life of sexual promiscuity, Tim is implicitly skeptical of Nick and deeply resents him for having slept with his wife. Nick, who has never had a serious relationship, now sees a chance to re-form some old bonds with Tim and his still very sexy wife. Old Friends follows the unlikely series of events that draw Tim and Nick ever closer, even though Tim would like nothing more than to see Nick die in a fire.


Creators: Nick Ross, Tim Curcio
Website: Old Friends

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Style 3.5

The episodes are quick and well paced, heavy on the awkward moments while maintaining a high enough joke ratio to keep you smiling throughout. (Pacing 4.5)

What’s great about this story is how the characters grow. At first Tim and Nick are constantly at each other’s throat, Nick did take Tim’s wife’s virginity oh so many years ago, but over time you can start to get the picture that they are beginning to understand each other a little bit. Even if it isn’t friendship, it is something and the story does a great job of exploring it. (Storytelling 4.5)

Polish 4

Watchability 5

Novelty 3

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆