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Normally This Weird

Normally This Weird

Bottom Line: If you remember the mid-90s television show Eerie Indiana then you have a pretty good idea of what you can expect from Normally This Weird. It’s a quirky story of what happens to an average, geeky couple who move into a town where the neighbors are even stranger than they are.

When two newlyweds, Simon and Vanessa, both in their mid-twenties and essentially grown up kids, decide start their lives together in a brand new town, little do they realize just how weird their neighbors are. The Smiths secretly practice dark magic, the Archevils (pronounced Ark-uh-vuhl) experiment with dangerous super-science for insidious ends, the enigmatic and eye-patched Swivey Dinkle lives his own brand of suburban adventure, all while FBI Agent Danford covertly monitors everything

“Normally This Weird” is a comedy web series that explores the humor and drama of normal people dealing with very strange problems … and strange people dealing with incredibly normal problems.


Cast: Michael Peterson, Lauren Henschen, Grace Steinbach, Liam Thibeault, Norian Lenz, James Hoenscheidt, Adam Marshall Rini, Noah Klinge, Jared Washburn
Website: Normally This Weird

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While we still haven’t seen them used extensively, the shows effects are strong, adding to the overall campiness of the presentation. (Style 4)

The show is shot more like a television show than a web series, which leads to slower pacing and less “joke density” than you might expect. That being the case, it leaves them time to explore characters in more detail than you might be able to on a shorter show. (Pacing 3.5)

Storytelling 3.5

Polish 4

Watchability 3.5

The most impression part of this show is the characters, Simon and Vanessa’s neighbors are a screwball assortment of just about every science fiction trope you can imagine, and they play their parts impeccably. The only question that remains is whether future episodes will be able to make good use of this cast of crazies. (Novelty 5)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆