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Moxie Spendlove

Moxie Spendlove

Bottom Line: It’s like Clueless meets Felicity, a young woman is trying to make it on her own and find herself with only her pluck, wit and an unimaginable fortune to protect her.

Moxie Spendlove just turned twenty five and found out she’s the sole heiress to her family fortune. Not only is she set for life financially, she’s also the new president of her grandfather’s gag gift franchise, Whoopsee-Doozy Enterprises. What’s a girl to do? Only one thing: set out on a mission to find something that makes her happy.

Moxie was raised by her nanny, Nanny Fong, after her mother passed away and her father vanished. She’s lived a life of privilege, and her two best friends Aurora and Andromeda are always by her side, helping her spend her money.

She’s the girl every other girl wants to be – she’s fun, fabulous, and fresh!

And now that she’s on a mission, there’s no telling what crazy idea she’ll come up with next


Cast: Shelly Frappier, Amanda Garley, Andy Rebollar, Jeremy Scheffee, Kate Schneider, Marissa Mecir, Andi Grandy, Stephen Evans, Rob Frappier, Irene Brown, Jason Biggers, Dave Wanlass
Vimeo Channel: Moxie Spendlove
Website: Moxie Spendlove
Support the Show: Visit The Moxie Spendlove Store


Style 3

Pacing 4

It’s like a coming of age story but it takes place at 25. The characters in Moxie are what sell the series, between her two greedy, bumbling friends and her “life coach” that looks like someone out of the Adams Family you have enough plot drivers to keep the story moving pretty briskly. (Storytelling 3.5)

Polish 4.5

This one isn’t for everyone but what show is? It is heavy on the “spoiled little rich kid” chuckles and shopping jokes. It’s a great series for anyone who liked Clueless because of Alicia Silverstone instead of in spite of her. (Watchability 3.5)

Novelty 3

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

  • http://vimeo.com/10107306?hd=1 Moxie Spendlove

    Season 2 of Moxie Spendlove premieres Memorial Day 2010.

    Watch the trailer here:

  • http://www.MoxieSpendlove.com Moxie Spendlove

    Season 2 of Moxie Spendlove premiered today!

    Check out the new website and first episode here:

    Enjoy the show!!!