Morgan vanHumbeck

Morgan vanHumbeck

Sleeps with so many women he must be gay.

Unwitting ‘Victim’ of a humorous internet photoshop campaign dedicated to depicting him in various movie posters/iconic images and Chuck Norris-esque ‘facts’. These may be found here, on the LRR Forums.

Morgan (Born c. 1983) vows never to get married and has stated that his right arm is noticeably larger than his left due to…private hobbies. During LoadingReadyLIVE! he forgot to wear his boxers and so contributed both full nudity and helicoptering behind the stage. He has one half-brother according to the January 17th 2007 LRRcast and is usually addicted to DotA to some degree or another.

Morgan was responsible for The Whatever Thing. He wrote, appeared in, filmed and edited these short videos. However Morgan is lazy so Graham gave up trying to get him to do The Whatever Thing.

In the LRRCast for September 26, 2007, Morgan said “I love teh cocks”.

For much of the 6th season, Morgan was travelling through the USA in order to see more of the world. During this time he acquired an eyebrow piercing, misplaced porn at someone’s house, and slept on the couches of many LRR fans.

Web Series Filmography: Commodore Hustle

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