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Mike Davies Jr.

Mike Davies Jr.

One of the hardest working directors in independent film, Michael Davies, a graduate of the Vancouver Film School, has proven himself as a multi-genre director. In 1998, Mike formed the production company Captain Films Inc. and directed the sci-fi film Message: Received. His feature film debut, a first dramatic contribution, The Absent Phallus, premiered at The New York International Independent Film Festival in 2001 and won Best Directorial Debut, Best Director of a Feature Film and Best Actress.

The Absent Phallus screened at The LA International Independent Film Festival and was represented at Cannes, MIFED and AFM. This film recently signed with Canamedia Productions Ltd. for Worldwide distribution. Continuing to explore other genres, Davies fashioned the definitive hangover comedy for his second feature Hair of the Dog, in 2001. After a successful festival run the film has found a home with Critical Mass Releasing. Michael’s third feature film, A Comedy/Drama, Three on a See-Saw (2002), signed with Attack Filmworks and Universal Home Video. Davies has directed a number of shorts, most notably When Urine Love, a finalist for the Arizona International Film Festival’s Reel Frontier Award and nomination for Best Short at both the Rhode Island International Film Festival and The Long Island International Film Expo.

The short also received an Honorable Mention for Rochester NY’s Movies on a Shoestring Budget, and a Jury Citation Award of Special Merit from The US Super 8 and Digital FF. This film has also placed 3rd at both Light Plays Tricks Film Festival and Brainwash Film Festival in California. After this triumphant tour of the festival circuit including the prestigious Yorkton Film Festival, the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival and EdgeWorks Film Festival, When Urine Love was sold to The Comedy Network. In the summer of 2007 When Urine Love signed with Ouat! Media for worldwide distribution and can now be seen on Movieola.

In addition to signing When Urine Love, OUAT Media also picked up two other successful short films by Michael Davies, T.A.G. and Message: Received, also broadcasting on Movieola In April 2007 Davies embarked upon a bold departure from traditional media and entered the world of New Media and created the character-driven sci-fi web series After Judgment. The first seven episodes were filmed September 2007 and in March of 2008 Endeavor enthusiastically agreed to represent the series with plans for a late-summer release. This one of a kind web series follows the lives of eight strangers who have been left behind after the end of the world.

Davies next foray into New Media is a web series entitled Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate! The series is an inter-galactic comedy that follows the adventures of two hapless roommates who are apparently trapped in their apartment as it’s literally hurtling through space at an alarming rate! Production will begin summer 2008!

Ashes, is the latest entry in a long history of successful shorts for Davies. This melancholy fantasy film about a mysterious doctor and his unusual “therapy” will begin its festival tour fall 2008! (via imdb)

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Web Series Filmography: After Judgment (Editor, Writer, Director, Producer), Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate

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