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Lost And Found

Lost And Found

Bottom Line: They need to make more episodes of this one. I know that Brett is doing a series of experiments and that it wasn’t necessarily designed for an extended run, but this is sharp, entertaining and has just the right amount of mystery to keep the plot from being overrun by camp.

It’s a web series about a mysterious set of cards and a group of people trying to uncover their, er, mystery.


Cast: Katy Stoll, Brett Register, Craig Frank, Haley Mancini, Nellie Barnett
Blip.tv Channel: Absolute Disaster
Website: Brett Register
Support the Show: Watch The New Season Of The Crew At Babelgum


Feed: Feed
Twitter Page Brett Register


Style 3.5

This is another show from Absolute Disaster, the people who brought us Craig: The Werewolf Roommate. Unlike Craig, this one is a lot easier to follow and because they use the same device — the cards — in every episode, they manage to drum up some suspense with their comedy. Overall, this show is really well paced for having videos that come in at under 3 minutes. (Pacing 4)

J.J. Abrams says that when he’s designing a show he always tries to set it up with mystery boxes, which is to say, he wants to leave unanswered questions in the minds of his audience to keep them coming back. Lost and Found is not Lost, but as a series that takes more than a few nods from Mr. Abrams, it manages to hold true to the idea. It’s short, punchy and leaves you hoping that they develop the series further. (Storytelling 4)

Polish 4

Watchability 4

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

  • http://www.Babelgum.com/thecrew Brett Register

    Hello, I'm Brett I created this series and just wanted to quickly address the concern for the future of Lost & Found – there are three seasons planned for the show. All questions will be answered. That being said… a second season of Craig and the Werewolf is coming first (possibly late October). Look for season 2 of L&F first thing next year.

    Also, thanks for all the great coverage on all the shows! Season 2 of The Crew begins today!