Kathleen De Vere

Kathleen De Vere

Born in New Zealand, she became associated with LoadingReadyRun through chance encounter with Graham at a student newspaper conference in Edmonton, AB. At the time she lived in Prince George, BC and worked for the UNBC newspaper Over the Edge. Currently she works and predominantly lives in Vancouver, periodically staying over in Victoria.

Kathleen has written several comic strips in the past, including “Fun with Kathleen” for Over the Edge. She currently writes the comic Korea for LoadingReadyRun.

She also has two cats, Khaavren and Annika, who have appeared in various videos. Khaavren is known for being exceptionally long, stretching most of the distance of Kathleen’s own torso.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Web Series Filmography: Commodore Hustle

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