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Heui Won Jeong and Justin Murphy give us an incredibly stylish “eco-animation” in JumpTrumpRumpBump. They combined rich, vibrant illustrations with enough atmosphere to avoid making you feel like you’re sitting through a flipbook.

The story is slow, very slow in fact. If you look at the comments on the Vimeo page you’ll see that this was deliberate but for some people it might be off-putting. The story follows a little girl and her family who are hiding a group of animals who for whatever reason are convicts. I think they might have something against Koala’s playing Jazz. They manage to put the police of the scent using what is possibly the greatest distraction in recent animation history (start the video at 3:15 to see) and eventually the little girl finds herself in the forest laying down some tasty tunes with her woodland friends.

The creators seemed to be trying to draw a parallel between the development of natural habitats and the cultural losses we accept when we do so, however, considering it is almost 8 minutes long (7:54) it is just a little difficult to parse exactly what they were going for.

Overall this is an absolutely gorgeous piece of animation that is fun to watch, even though 8 minutes is an eternity in Internet time you’ll find yourself wishing there were more. While I do wish the story was a little tighter, they manage to get across their basic premise on the importance of conservation.

If you like animals, jazz or animation take some time to look at this.


Creators: Heui Won Jeong, Justin Murphy
Vimeo Channel: JumpTrumpRumpBump
Image Gallery: Flickr


Style 4

Pacing 3

You quickly get the message but you do feel like you’re ‘missing something’ (Storytelling 3)

Polish 5

About 50% of you will find it a little too long (Watchability 3.5)

It has a really unique visual style (Novelty 4.5)

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆