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Juju Chan

Juju Chan

JuJu Chan (???) was born with her twin sister in Hong Kong, and has lived in Hong Kong, Boston, San Francisco, New York, and Italy. She graduated with a Master Degree in Interactive Telecommunications from school of Film & TV in New York University, and earned her Bachelors Degree with honors in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of San Francisco.

JuJu is currently working as a model and an actress in International film projects, playing the lead actress in the LUMINA series (10 nominations in different international and American webseries and soap awards, including best actress in the American Soap Awards 2010), supporting actress in the Other End of the Gun (a short film in the 2009 Cannes Festival screenings) . She is the winner of the Miss United Nation International Ambassador 2009, Miss Congeniality in the United Nation International Pageant 2009, and Miss TVB People’s Choice in Miss Chinatown USA Pageant 2009. She is also an entrepreneur, founded her own marketing and media company, JuJu Concepts Ltd., in 2010, and became the Asia Business Development Director for Fiesta Jewelery Company in 2010.

JuJu is also a hiphop, ballet, and Latin dancer; she has won awards and appeared on national TV programs. JuJu speaks Cantonese, English and Mandarin. She loves volunteering in community services and events to help the community. She has actively involved in the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) Child Mentorship Scheme in Hong Kong, the AIDS concern campaign in Hong Kong, the annual Breast cancer walk in San Francisco, Asian American community services events, regular visitations to the home of the elderly, etc. And became the ambassador of heroes2, an environmental protection organization, in 2010.

Furthermore, she enjoys singing, skiing, traveling and meeting people from different cultures; she has already traveled to over 30 countries. JuJu loves trying new things and living her life to the fullest. In the future, she aspires to be a successful entrepreneur who contributes to the society, and a successful actress and film director who will make a difference in the film industry.

Web Series Filmography: Lumina

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