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Joanne Colan

Joanne Colan

Joanne Colan has 7 years experience hosting, writing, co-producing and creating broadcast television and radio for major networks and cable channels across international markets. Her focus over the past 4 years has been in the area of new media, science, health, and sustainability.

As the host of Rocketboom from 2006-2009 Joanne became a recognized name in New Media in a position which allowed her access to influential personalities and organizations worldwide that have changed the way we think about technology and our future, including Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Arianna Huffington, Chris Anderson of the TED Conference and others. Joanne also used the video blog platform to promote eco awareness, bringing attention to organizations like Architecture for Humanity, Earth Day Network, CARE, Barefoot College, and Charity Water.

During this same period, she also worked in broadcast media as a freelance host for a variety of clients, sitting down with the likes of Robert DeNiro, Terry Gilliam, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Friedman, Anthony Minghella and many more.

In 2005 Joanne traveled the globe for the Fine Living Network. The 13 part cable network series, which focused on adventure and eco travel, saw Joanne interviewing climatologists on Iceland’s Vatnajokull glacier and diving with the endangered pink dolphin in Singapore.

From 2000 to 2004, Joanne joined MTV Networks Europe. She wrote, co-produced and hosted shows such as the Top 20 Countdown and MTV News, which were broadcast to over 124 million households in over 50 countries and territories. Joanne also fronted the networks’ World Aids Day Campaigns, traveling to the US and South Africa on behalf of the news and social awareness divisions.

A native of London, she has worked as a host, writer, researcher and production coordinator, for both BBC Radio & Television. Fluent in French, Joanne hosted a version of the BBC’s long running cult music show Top of the Pops, for French music channel M6 Music.

Additionally, this year Joanne moderated the education program “Health and Sustainabilty” for students in the U.S., Gaza, and Iraq with global teaching organization Global Nomads Group.

Joanne volunteers in her spare time for Human Rights Watch Organization WITNESS as a journalist and on-camera reporter.

Joanne also works as an AADP Certified Integrative Nutritionist.

Web Series Filmography: Rocketboom (Self), Issues: The Series (Guinevere Godard)

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