Jessica Sylvia

Jessica Erin Sylvia was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on March 14, 1986 to Stacey Burke and Daniel Sylvia. As the oldest of three children, she naturally possesses leadership qualities and determination. Beginning in grade school, Jess demonstrated a raw talent for stage performance. At the age of ten, she attended New Bedford Ballet and landed a supporting role in “Beauty and the Beast.” She continued to pursue theater as well, making that her extracurricular focus. While attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Jess performed in a number of women’s studies plays and then directed/narrated “The Vagina Monologues.”

In 2007 she transferred to the University of Rhode Island to complete a concentrated biotechnology program. Jess had plans to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of film acting at the end of the program in 2008; however, New England had one more project in store for her before she could go. Jess spent the summer of 2008 working on her first feature film “27 Down.” Immediately after they wrapped she moved to LA. Since then, Jess scored a starring role in the zombie thriller “Phase Two,” played Leslie/Cha Cha in the theater production “Backstage Grease,” is hostess for Hollywood Buzz TV, and co-starred in SyFy’s original film “Mothman.”

In the near future Jess will be teaming up with actor/director/producer Matt Thompson to perform in his original screenplays “Bloodline” and “No Strings.”

Jess is also well-known for her modeling, with appearances in Playboy, Spike TV, Adea Italian Lingerie, and Berrydog Swimwear.

Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
Web Series Filmography: Meet The Mayfarers
Management: RPM Talent

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