Jeremy Scheffee

Jeremy Scheffee

Jeremy Scheffee is excited to be back for Season 2 of Moxie Spendlove. He doesn’t, however, really want Jason Biggers to know that. Jeremy is worried that Jason will take this as a sign that he should rush out and begin pre-production on Season 3 and Jeremy is very much looking forward to another two year break between Seasons 2 & 3.

With Season 1, Jeremy was fortunate to only be responsible for lighting, filming, set design, cinematography, acting, editing, sound, sound effects, special effects, encoding, website design, graphics work and a few other smaller things. In Season 2, however, he somehow was convinced to also write a number of episodes (the funniest/best ones) and hopes you laugh your butt off when you watch them.

Web Series Filmography: Moxie Spendlove (Divinity Dicksin)

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