Jeremy Petter

Jeremy Petter

Jeremy Michael Petter (Jer) (b 1983). Jer attended Oak Bay High School, where he served as the president of his 12th grade class. Jer is studying English and religious studies at the University of Victoria. Jer’s uncle, Andrew Petter, is a former BC cabinet minister and the Dean of Law at UVic. According to the January 17th 2007 LRRcast Jer has one younger sister (Who at the time at least was taken).

Jer is notable in the LRR crew both for his singing talent and for his eyesight, which despite not wearing glasses is perceivably worse than most of the bespectacled crewmembers. He has been said by Morgan to have “no 3D vision”. This is due to a wandering eye and prevents him from driving legally.

Jer is very often linked with ducks in LRR writing, even to the point of voicing one in Bump in the Night. He is also known for writing technically difficult videos, such as the overlays of Time is Money

Jer has a collection of stuffed ducks (mostly mallards) that numbers over 15, and includes the feathered internet celebrity Rosco P. Jangles IV.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Web Series Filmography: Commodore Hustle

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