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Hell Froze Over

Hell Froze Over

Bottom Line: For a dating series this is weird and wonderfully campy. It’s light on the character development but makes up for it by being heavy on the funny. Whatever you do, try to make it to the last episode of the season – trust me.

Hell Froze Over is an edgy, sometimes raunchy, and always deranged series about Jody (Tracy Clifton) and all the men she’s ever rejected. In order to prove a point to her roommate Brooke (Diana Toshiko), Jody decides to go on a date with every man she’s ever turned-down, starting with the lunatic she just passed on the street (Sean Simbro). In every episode, Jody tries to make the best of things on dates with the bizarre and broken men who she turned down the first time around. In the process, it irreverently explores sexuality, relationships, human foibles, and curses from God.


Cast: Tracy Clifton, Diana Toshiko
YouTube Channel: Hell Froze Over
Website: Hell Froze Over
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Style 3.5

Pacing 4.5

After a few episodes of this show you start to ask yourself where Jody managed to run into this much dysfunction in her life. Every episode she plays out another date which usually ends in some awkward, aborted attempt at sex. The writers did a great job of keeping things fresh, and they even managed to put together some pretty unique scenarios. Really the only flaw is that there isn’t too much personal development from episode to episode, some it starts to feel a little like a sketch show. (Storytelling 3.5)

Polish 3.5

If you are looking for some fun, light dating comedy then this is a great one. The episodes come in at about 5 minutes and the joke ratio is high enough to fill that airtime with plenty of funny. If you need your comedy with a side of character development, you may want to turn elsewhere. Every episode, except for maybe the finale, plays out just about the way you would expect it to. By the way, if you are sensitive to sexual references you should stay away from this show, it’s definitely rated MA for mature. (Watchability 4.5)

Novelty 4

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆