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GOLD The Series

GOLD The Series

Bottom Line: Although I would have loved if the film makers had spent more time with each of the people highlighted in these videos, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a clever, fun and strangely sentimental web project. I only wish others would take time to understand culture in such a creative way.

GOLD is a comedy series about Professional Role Playing Gamers, written and produced for the web.

The World Goblins & Gold Role Playing Game Championship is only a few short weeks away. The perennial second-place American team has undergone an upheaval: their longtime team leader, Jonathan Drake, has suffered a tragic gaming-related accident. Maverick player and loose cannon Richard Wright takes the reigns and tries to wrestle his new team into shape before the competition, while despondent Jonathan battles his personal demons. Meanwhile, the World Champion British team, led by the crafty Oliver Crane and sultry Martha Thistlethwait, prepare for the Championship by enlisting a gaming legend as their new coach.

As the two factions battle internal and external strife, another threat rears its head: despite a fervent European following, in the U.S., Goblins & Gold is on the decline. Fewer and fewer players are picking up the dice in pursuit of this proud but aging sport, opting instead for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and the seductive simplicity of console gaming.

Can Richard whip his new team into shape in time for the championships? Will Crane’s Britons continue to dominate? And, if G&G loses its audience, will it all even matter in the end?

Join us for the web series that dares to ask the question, “Can you take the hits?”


Cast: Rick Robinson,David Nett,Nathan Mobley,James Paul,Xavier,Gary Karp,Robert Brewer,Alan Loayza,Shannon Nelson,Jeremy Guskin,Shannon Ivey,Angela Schnaible,Chuck Raucci,Frederick Snyder,Jessica Pennington,Justin Waggle,Sasha Harris,James Ellis Lane,Brett Nichols,Jeanette Scherrer,Andrew R. Deutsch,JoAnna Senatore,Michael Miranda,Torrance Jordan
Blip.tv Channel: GOLD: The Series
Website: GOLD: The Series
Support the Show: Make A Donation


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iTunes Feed: GOLD: The Series


It feels like a television sitcom without too many stylistic flourishes thrown in to distract from the overall story (Style 2.5)

Pacing 4

Good characterization, solid directing and a storyline that takes you along for a ride. Of course there are a few bits of overacting in there but not enough to detract from a stellar overall performance. (Storytelling 4.5)

Polish 4.5

At about ten minutes per episode it’s long enough to introduce a story arc without being so long that you have a hard time getting through it. (Watchability 4)

It’s a story about a group of table top RPG players that actually tugs at your heart strings. I don’t know how they did it, but I am happy that they did. (Novelty 4.5)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆