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Four If By Space

Four If By Space

Bottom Line: Four If By Space is a great spin on the buddy comedy motif.

Four If By Space, a web series created by Richard Lovejoy, Kent Meister, and Brad Raimondo. This sci-fi / comedy / road movie / adventure / sex farce centers around a pair of twin brothers. Each meets an alien. One alien is on the run from his own species. The other has his eyes on invasion…

The story alternates back and forth between illiterate novelist Quentin Elijah, who has befriended an evil alien General; and Evan Elijah, a shallow, well-to-do hipster who teaches the alien Guiradon about life on Earth. As Quentin and the General race across the country, Evan and Guiradon enjoy a fast paced hedonistic lifestyle in New York City.

You’ll scream as a ruthless alien General tries to impose Somnacracy on humanity! You’ll laugh as Quentin Elijah attempts to be the world’s first illiterate novelist! You’ll smile knowingly as Evan Elijah tries to educate the alien Guiradon about human social interactions. You’ll gasp as characters you care about die suddenly, violently! You’ll shudder as the alien fleet grows closer to earth! You’ll titter nervously as details about the alien anatomy are revealed!

Four If By Space has it all! Action! Comedy! Romance! Suspense! Thinly veiled allegories to the plight of America! Alien sex! Diaologue that borders on coherency! Alien Sex! And at least four or five other things!


Cast: Kent Meister, Richard Lovejoy, Morgan Anne Zipf, Molly Pope, Ian Schoen, Laura O’Brien, Ricardo Perez, Max Seide, Jeremy Sumpman, Brad Raimondo
YouTube Channel: Four If By Space
Website: Four If by Space
Support the Show: Vote For The Show On Funny Or Die


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Facebook Page Four If By Space


Great Z-movie grade special effects add to the overall shlockiness of this entertaining alien comedy. (Style 4)

Pacing 3.5

“Is there anything more American than an illiterate man writing a novel?” This is a story of two aliens and two idiots and how their lives intersect. While it plays off of pretty much every comedy involving super-powered alien creatures, it has enough of that buddy-movie feel to it to make it stand out on its own. (Storytelling 3.5)

Polish 3

It reminds me of Mork and Mindy in the best possible way. (Watchability 4)

Novelty 3.5

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆