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Deleted The Game

Deleted The Game

Bottom Line: Dark and moody, this story has a lot of bite for a series based around what amounts to an ARG. Even with the somewhat wonky chronology you will find yourself quickly drawn into the intrigue if you can piece the story together.

DELETED: THE GAME is an interactive web series that promises to blur the lines between fantasy and reality by drawing viewers into an interactive social game. The 12 episode series begins with Tyler who is struggling to piece together her life after an accident left her with an amnesiac condition. Unexpectedly, she finds herself embroiled in an identity theft conspiracy and feeling overwhelmed, Tyler turns to her new online friends for help. All the main characters eventually become open for interaction. There are hidden trails of clues in each episode, all over the internet and even in real places, setting up a massive search for answers. For their participation, viewers earn points towards weekly prizes including the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to do a cameo with the cast.


Cast: Charlene Miller, Shawn Parsons, David Rudd, Brian Seibert, Elia Monte-Brown, Megan Channell
Website: Deleted: The Game

YouTube: Watch Them On YouTube
Vote For It: Deleted The Game


Style 3

Every episode delivers something interesting, the characterization is strong and in general it is a fun and addictive show for thriller junkies. That being said, the dialogue gets a little melodramtic in places but not so much that it will distract you from the overall arc. (Pacing 4)

Storytelling 3.5

Polish 3.5

The story hops around a lot, which does add to the mystery but also takes away from the plots coherence. There are a lot of scenes that are used over and over again with slight variations, which can also be distracting. (Watchability 3.5)

Novelty 3

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆