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Corporate Assassin

Corporate Assassin

Bottom Line: Corporate Assassin combines two great joys of working class culture, assassination dramas and watching annoying office workers bite the big one in creative and unnecessarily violent ways. If you have ever worked in a cube, or maybe you just know someone who has this is probably for you.

From the mind of Independent filmmaker, Andy Coon, comes a unique web series that intrudes into Corporate America.

The Corporate Assassin is hired to clean the filth that is content with taking advantage of their surroundings. Such as gossip mongers, rude and aggressive co-workers, intimidating bullies, sexual harassers, using company resources for personal use and stealing from the company.

These are your cubicle neighbors that you are forced to sit next to unless you or they get a promotion, fired or a fatal accident in the workplace. Most likely the latter.

The Assassin doesn’t use traditional weapons to take his assignments down. Instead he uses office supplies, something familiar with his target so he can get close to them.

We encourage you, the viewer to participate in the madness. Call us @ 302-361-5667. Tell us who (NO LAST NAMES) is bothering you and what they are doing that annoys you and how you would like to see them assassinated. The best message will be used as an intro for a future episode. That means your voice will be part of the episode.


Creator: Andy B Coon, Blake Faucette
Website: Corporate Assassin

YouTube: Watch Them On YouTube
Ning: Join Their Community
Blip.tv: Watch Them On Blip.tv
Facebook: Join Them On Facebook
Vote For It: Corporate Assassin


Style 4

Corporate Assassin is a strong show that occasionally suffers from drawing out the setups to the kills. By minute 3 or 4 we almost always understand why someone should get a paperclip buried in his brainpan but usually we need to sit through another 3-4 minutes of exposition before it happens. (Pacing 3.5)

The Corporate Assassin himself is a fantastic character and I only wish they took more time each episode to explore his motivations. The two flashback episodes are great, but giving us a better look into his head would make the episodes a lot more compelling. (Storytelling 4)

Polish 4

Watchability 3.5

Novelty 4.5

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆