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Chronicles Of Humanity

Chronicles Of Humanity

Bottom Line: While the voice acting is uneven, the story has the kind of energy you expect from much higher budget space operas. This is worth a watch of machinima and sci-fi fans alike.

Chronicles of Humanity is an original science fiction series that takes place in the 24th century. The story begins after a mining accident on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, with the colonists protesting against the Government’s unwillingness to give them better working conditions. And that’s only the beginning…


Cast: Charlie Allen-Wall, Damien Valentine, Elizabeth Cameron, Felicia Day, Gabrielle Pugliese, Ingrid Moon, Kim Genly, Richard Grove
Vimeo Channel: Chronicles of Humanity
Website: Chronicles of Humanity
Support the Show: Watch Bathtub Productions Other Films


Twitter Feed: Feed
Facebook Page Chronicles of Humanity


They decided to go big with this one, taking a high concept like a space opera and doing it all using machinima. For all the minor flaws it has, it’s a stylistic feat. (Style 4.5)

Pacing 4

I can’t tell if my problem is with the script or with the voice acting. Actually I can, it’s with the voice acting. There are portions of the narrative that fall flat because it’s really clear that the lines are being read, which is a shame because overall it is a grand story concept. It’s hard to sync your acting with a character whose lips don’t even move, but compared to say, Red vs. Blue, there is a huge disconnect between what you’re seeing on the screen and the voices coming from the characters. (Storytelling 3.5)

Polish 4

Get past the pilot and you start to see a really interesting story begin to unravel. This is another one of those series where it helps to watch multiple episodes in a row, and if you do you’ll be treated to a top tier romp through space — rare for a web series. (Watchability 3.5)

Novelty 3.5

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆