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Betty Bowers

Betty Bowers

Bottom Line: Betty Bowers is a biting satire of religion and politics if that sort of thing gets you all hot under the collar, stay far far away but if you get a kick out of satire this is a wonderful entertaining entry into the genre.

Greetings, my fellow computer-owning Christians — and even all you unsaved techno-trash out there who will read any blog in order to avoid doing your little job. My name is Mrs. Betty Bowers and — as you already know — I’m America’s Best Christian. While some might regard such a seemingly lofty title somewhat onerous to live up to, both piety and superiority are completely effortless to me, which is, no doubt, why I was conferred such an honor in the first place.

As an American Christian, I have devoted my life to hectoring my Invisible Savior with requests for lots of cool stuff. It’s a time-consuming hobby I call “prayer.” I lob assertive hints into passing cloud formations for better promotions, bigger cars, smaller hips, higher game scores and more luxurious luxury goods. This is all necessary because my Savior is infuriatingly forgetful and will otherwise squander attention on the much more easily satisfied so-called “needy.” When not asking for things from Jesus, I tirelessly devoted myself to wringing every last dollar out of His name that is humanly possible without risking my tax-free status, appearing without undergarments on YouTube or becoming a Catholic.


Cast: Deven Green
YouTube Channel: Betty Bowers
Website: Betty Bowers
Support the Show: Buy Betty’s Books


RSS Feed: Feed
Facebook Group: Betty Bowers


Clever use of green screen puts this a cut above most talking head shows in the genre. (Style 4)

Pacing 4

Especially when dealing with such a controversial topic, you could spend a lot of time simply ranting but Betty Bowers is really well written. Even if you hate her message, you have to respect the delivery. Well, no you don’t but it’s definitely more well produced than your average “Religion is eeevvvviiilll” style tirade. (Storytelling 3.5)

Polish 3

Some people will hate this show. Some people will find it downright insulting. These people should not watch it because all it will do is ruin their days. Like most things we label with the “controversial” tag, viewer discretion is advised. (Watchability 3.5)

Novelty 3.5

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆