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Benton Jennings

Benton Jennings

Began acting at age seven, portraying his boyhood hero “Robin Hood” in a school play. Thirty years later, he got to reprise the character in a professional theatrical production, plus choreographing the fight sequences.

A third generation Texan, he fulfilled another boyhood dream — that of performing in an Alamo movie…and not just one, but two Alamo movies.

He earned a BFA in theatre arts from TCU with additional studies in cinematography. Studies also include London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, The Film Actors Lab in Dallas, DeVera Marcus’ Improv Class in L.A., & numerous L.A. voice-over coaches.

Benton has performed in over 100 stage productions and national tours including 25 years with 2 partners in an award winning sketch comedy act — “The Gunfighters” — with over 6000 performances nationally, quite literally everywhere from being introduced onstage by Tony Randall at Madison Square Garden to performing alongside Clayton Moore of “The Lone Ranger” (1949) fame at a festival in Texas.

With a natural and nurtured knack for embodying the roles he plays, Benton has portrayed a vast swath of characters ranging from psycho killers, FBI agents, good ol’ boy farmers, upscale butlers and maitre’ds, cranky patients, caring physicians, Shakespearean kings, high school janitors, news anchors, senators, paraplegic British officers and even Hitler. (He has the dubious distinction of having played Hitler twice. First on NBC’S “Passions” (1999), and again in David Zucker’s feature film _An American Carol (2008).

Benton also has worked as an historical consultant, military technical advisor and fight director.

Web Series Filmography: Safety Geeks: SVI (Hopkins)

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