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Annemarie Pazmino

Annemarie Pazmino

Annemarie Pazmino was born November 12th, 1984 in Los Angeles, CA. She began her career as the lead role in the short film “The Bitterness”. The film went on to be accepted into 14 film festivals across the United States, including the Sonoma film festival, the Reel International Women’s film festival, and the East Lansing film festival to name a few. “The Bitterness” won best film at three of the fourteen film festivals and received honorable recognition at many others. Annemarie has since been seen in Sorority Forever, an original web series for The WB.com directed and produced by Big Fantastic and McG as well as the films “Edges of Darkness” and “Shoot the Hero”. Her most recent webseries is “Compulsions” which was awarded the Clicker award for 2009.

Annemarie grew up in East Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA. As an only child, she was often creating productions to entertain her Chilean and American family. Throughout high school, she continued to take part in yearly theater and dance productions and study the craft of acting. Upon graduating, she knew a career as an actress had the potential to place her on unsteady ground and so she decided to pursue a degree in a field that she also had great interest in, animal medicine.

Annemarie achieved a Bachelors degree in Animal Science/Pre-Vet medicine. Upon completion of her degree, she traveled to Okinawa, Japan and lived there for a brief period, in addition to traveling throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. Upon her return, she continued to follow her first passion of acting full time. She has a great fervor for the art of acting and this deems true when one has the pleasure to watch her. “Annemarie’s work is inspiring and moving. Her performances are rich and clear combining intelligence with imagination.” Lynette Katselas McNeill- Director and Acting Coach.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Web Series Filmography: Compulsions (Cassandra Morrissey), Sorority Forever (Rachel)

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