Andy Rebollar

Andy Rebollar

Andy (the boy) Rebollar married Andi (the girl) Grandy (together they are the Andes) in June of 2008.

That’s right, Moxie fans, Grack and Juniper are married in real life!

Faith has taken him on an amazing journey.

He’s been a pilgrim in Europe, a teacher/coach/or whatever else they needed at the time on a tiny island in Micronesia, a tri-parish Youth Minister, led retreats in Tahoe, built houses in Tijuana, and most recently served as a Campus Minister and teacher at a small Catholic school in the Bay Area.

Now, faith has led him to the farm… Bethlehem Farm in West Virginia. He’s looking forward to serving in any way he’s needed.

Andy enjoys being outside and playing sports of all types, cards, and games… as well as taking a crack at acting in Moxie.

Web Series Filmography: Moxie Spendlove

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