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After Judgment

After Judgment

Bottom Line: This is one of those series that you need to look at in its entirety to appreciate. The episodes are short and slow moving, but the high concept could make it worth the wait for some.

In a world where no one dies and the sun never sets, an ex-priest enlists the help of a rag-tag band of survivors to find the fabled last remaining entrance into paradise…

Judgment Day has come and gone. Most of the world’s population and all the children have simply vanished. Those remaining cannot die, and do not age. They exist on an Earth frozen in time, where all sources of power and energy have ceased; a world where daylight never ends, nothing works, and the ocean is poisonous.

100 years later, the last chance for redemption rests in an unlikely soul. Steven, a man once of the church, now devoid of all hope or faith spends his days wandering the desolate streets in an apathetic daze. That is, until today.

Welcome to the post apocalyptic world of “After Judgment,” nominated for 6 Streamy Awards! Watch Season 1 of this original sci fi web series, and then delve into the lives of the characters and uncover the clues by watching “Before Judgment,” which contains lost footage of the events leading up to the fall of humanity and the aftermath that followed, as seen through the eyes of the survivors.


Cast: Joel Bryant, Jim McMahon, Taryn O’Neill, Stephanie Thorpe, Monika Jolly, Gregor Manns, Kristen Huff, Mick Theyer, Fesa Salillas, Samantha Colburn, Mike Davies Jr, John Curtis, Andy Gross, Beth Fisher
Blip.tv Channel: After Judgment
Website: After Judgment
Support the Show: See Captain Film’s Other Productions


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Facebook Page After Judgment


Style 3.5

The episodes are too short, which makes the story difficult to pick up. Even after you watch a few you are still not really clear enough on what’s going on. Not only that but they have this thing about mixing up chronology which might work if the shows were longer but as it stands it just makes it confusing. (Pacing 2.5)

As stories go this is a really cool premise, the world has ended, the vast majority of people have disappeared and we get to see things from the perspective of the people who have been left behind. They can’t die — not easily at least — they can’t age and the sun never sets. Yes, it does bare a striking resemblance to a major plot premise in Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series but once you get past the first act it starts moving in a much different direction. As I mentioned earlier, what brings this series down is the pace, it’s really designed to be watched back to back and only works when you take large chunks of the story in at the same time. (Storytelling 3)

Polish 4.5

I just can’t give this show my strongest recommendation. I like the ideas a lot but the execution could have been better. The first 30 seconds is usually a recap of the last episode and the last 30 seconds are the credits. That leaves about 3 minutes to build a story, and a good portion of that is monologue or silence. Usually you get one plot element thrown in there, but the wonky chronology makes that hard to put into the wider context. If you like the premise you should give this one a shot, but if you aren’t completely sold on that you might want to look elsewhere. (Watchability 2.5)

The novel series and bad made for DVD movie not withstanding, this is a really original idea. I’d suggest watching Before Judgment along with After Judgment as it really fleshes out parts of the story that might otherwise go over you head. In general, this is an all or nothing proposition, if you aren’t willing to commit to the entire run you probably won’t get much out of this. (Novelty 3)

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆